Parlor is a New England based custom ski builder. Parlor offers a level of customer service and customization that separates them from the traditional ski companies. Co-founders Mark Wallace, Jason Epstein and Pete Endres use a lifetime of skiing and racing to inspire their designs. Since every ski is built to order, Parlor customizes each ski to the rider for the best fit possible, modifying core type, flex, ski materials, and graphics. Parlor prioritizes customer service and aims to provide a unique ski-buying and riding experience. Integrating skiers with their own ride is at the core of the Parlor story. 


The Kingfisher is a quick, responsive ski with tip and tail rise. With its bigger rocker profile, the Kingfisher smooths out the bumps, crud and slush and allows quick maneuverability in the trees. Coming back on piste, let the solid camber take over and settle into long slalom or tight GS turns with confidence, even on the hard stuff. When it snows, the Kingfisher's wider platform and tip rocker lets it dance quick turns on the surface. If speed is your preference, just sit back and enjoy the float. 

Price: $950 

Lengths: 148, 155, 164, 171, 178, 185, 192 cm 

Dimesions: 138/105/125 at 178 cm 

Best for: Darting in and out of tight spots all over the mountain, skiing fast over mixed terrain, backcountry access 


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