Historic, run down and bisected by Interstate 70, Silver Plume could have been one of Colorado’s great ski towns. But the highway, the closure of nearby Geneva Basin ski area and general decline of the community have all conspired against greatness. That being said, Silver Plume is one of Colorado’s great ski towns. 

Sitting in pole position to the Continental Divide, the ‘Plume has flown under the radar of developers, movie stars and rich tourists despite its attractive collection of historic Victorian homes and bona-fide western ambiance. It’s a mere ten minutes from Loveland and 23 minutes from Arapahoe Basin. The one-two punch of Gray’s and Torries Peaks, 14,000-foot peaks that feature classic ski descents, are also just up the road as are numerous backcountry options with first class access.

It’s here that Casey Day started Powder Factory Skis, a low-key operation with products that have garnered awards from the media and rave reviews from consumers. But Day is also a photographer. And in the high peaks surrounding Silver Plume, his workshop and in the town itself, he’s found ample visual inspiration. Here’s a look inside his world.

Caseyday 2769

Powder Factory central, Silver Plume, USA.

Powderfactory 2016

Casey Day over Arapaho National Forest, Colorado. By Brian Scranton

Through their annual Backcountry Skiing Calendar fundraiser, the Front Range Powder Factory raises money for local Colorado suicide prevention and mental health programs, including the Second Wind Fund the Carson J. Spencer Foundation, and the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado.

Support a great cause and order your calendars today. Find out more at powderfactory.org