Located in an industrial artisan warehouse studio in Mammoth Lakes, California, Community Skis’ open-workshop with light-scale approach to ski manufacturing is revolutionary for the snow equipment and mountain travel industry. The shop has welcomed consumers, travelers and community residents, all raving about their product while praising the factory’s mission to make ski manufacturing a sustainable, community-oriented, craftsmanship-focused process. All skis are handmade and designed for each customer based on a conversation about how they like to ski and where they like to ski. Visitors are encouraged to hang out and watch through glass during every step of the ski-making process, from the tapering of raw birch wood to wet coating in resin and craft ski tuning. In the design studio, custom graphics are designed to reflect topo maps, the California flag, personal photographs, sleek wood veneer or anything else one can imagine. The skis’ low cost is attributed to a very lean operation of material costs, consumables, and five labor hours per set.



Summer Sucks Warrior

Designed by Angela, one of our top local aggressive women skiers. These bad-ass warrior skis will fulfill all of your winter pow fantasies while allowing you to maneuver through the unexpected firm and crud.


Price: $650