“What do you ski?” We've heard that question a thousand times. Like skis are some sort of badge that defines cred. Well, we don't care what you ski. To be honest, we don't really care what you think of our skis. We know that when we swing them over our shoulder and walk to the lift, we'll have the best damn skis on the mountain. Built for 60 years by the same folks at the foot of the Julian Alps, Elan has game changers like the first shaped ski and Amphibio technology. Our commitment is to making a better performing ski, not just a better selling ski.

Spectrum Carbon 105

Big mountain riders will appreciate the floatation and smooth turning along with the lightweight carbon “tubelite” technology.


Price; $850

Dimensions: 142/105/120

Lengths: 173,180,187

Best For: Mixed terrain and conditions.