Since 2008 our philosophy has been simple; skis crafted specifically for you simply feel better and last longer. Each pair is hand-built in our private factory allowing us to have complete control over the finished product. Materials are hand selected and sourced domestically ensuring performance and durability while reducing our carbon footprint. We offer three tiers of Folsom Skis: our tried and true full-custom builds, the annual summer-custom sale, and the new line of stock skis found at select retailers. All types of builds are manufactured utilizing the same quality materials in Denver, Colorado. Keep your tips up!


If you ski out West and need one ski to do it all, look no further! Revised this year with our SRC camber profile and elliptical tip shape, the Primary takes care of business. A blend of multiple designs from past years, it is testament to our freeride roots and the hallmark of our line. This no nonsense quiver killer will make you forget you own any other rides.


Price: $825.00

Sizes: 192, 188, 184, 182, 174

Dimensions: 141.110.131 @ 188

Best For: Bell-to-bell any day of the season out West