They’re what we obsess over. The shapes, the lengths, the rocker and the graphics. They’re the tools that move you down the mountain, faster than flight. The key to unlock gravity fed missions through rocks and cliffs and over snow so soft and smooth that you become lost in the moment, the bills and the broken car and unwashed dishes a distant memory.

In this, our second Guide to Ski Manufacturers (you can download last year’s guide here), we don’t claim to test skis or to know what products or brands are best. The awards and “editor’s picks” and other accolades can be given by someone else, someone who knows what’s best for you. Or maybe they don’t know?

Gear, as we all know, is highly personal and what works for one person may not be ideal for the rest. We know that you’re not a newbie to the sport of sliding down mountains on two sticks, so we know that you’re already intimately familiar with this fact.

We also know that you’re smart enough to read between the lines and understand in this era of “pay-to-play” ski testing and the incestuous relationships between brands and editorial departments that not all products that win awards get them because of performance alone. Furthermore, for many of the small brands featured in this guide, it can be impossible to even have their products tested or noticed by mainstream skiing media.

This is why our guide is just that, a guide. In fact, it’s the guide to ski manufacturers.

What you are reading now is the most comprehensive guide to the brands, builders and manufacturers making skis today. We don’t charge anyone to be included in this guide and we try to ensure that everyone has a chance to showcase the products that they are the most excited about for upcoming season.

If a company didn’t hit our deadline to have their own “brand page”, we listed them along with a link to their website in our basic list. For the guys who hit the deadline but also wanted to include a bit more, like social media links, we charged a whopping $49 that, money that helps us cover some – but not all – of the costs associated with making this issue. This why different builders and brands are getting different levels of exposure – our process is fully transparent.

We do things this way because we think that every brand, manufacturer and ski builder, no matter how big or how small should get guaranteed exposure in this guide and we also think they should have an affordable option to showcase the culture of their company.

Enjoy this year’s guide


Know of a brand or builder that wasn’t included? Share that info with us and we’ll do our best to include them in next year’s guide: