Wagner Custom Skis & Snowboards eliminates the need for mass-produced ski lineups. Instead, we focus on our Skier DNA fitting process to create a ski just for you, and you alone. Wagner Custom utilizes a skier’s body profile, skiing behavior and more to create a unique ski that ensures you reach your highest potential on snow. Wagner uses only the best materials and assembles each pair of skis by hand in our 100% carbon-neutral ski factory just outside of Telluride, CO. 

We want you to be a great skier and we’re here to help you out. Properly fitted skis make your skiing more fun, more efficient and more comfortable. Let us help you find your perfect-fit skis. Mountain dreams made to order.


This ski is a mountain dream made to order; it will improve your balance and provide more comfort, control and confidence because it is custom-tailored to help you ski at your highest potential. 


Price: $1,750 +

Lengths: Custom

Dimensions: Custom

Best For: Your perfect ski holds an edge precisely on hard snow, penetrates smoothly in crud, and rounds out easily in power.